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Dear Neighbor,

With the recent holiday I am a little behind in getting this update to you, but here is a quick message on some items of interest for the City Council meeting this week. Please come to the council meeting and speak to any items you are interested in or email your comments to me at in advance of the meeting.


This Tuesday the 18th we will begin with the presentation of the Key to the City to Misty May-Treanor in recognition for her exceptional athletic accomplishments including Three Olympic Gold Medals. The meeting then continues on with a number of items.

City Council Meeting

Item # 6 Consent Calendar: Development Review & Real Estate Assessment

Link to Agenda Item

This item authorizes an agreement with a consultant firm to assess internal and external factors influencing real estate development within the City and how to capture growth opportunities during economic peaks.

Item #21: Firefighters Association Memorandum of Understanding 

Link to Agenda Item   Link to MOU 

The Long Beach Firefighters Association (FFA) represents approximately 350 sworn employees in ranks of Firefighter through Battalion Chief. Since May 2016, City management and FFA representatives have held 13 negotiation sessions along with numerous joint salary survey meetings regarding their open MOU, which expired on September 30, 2016. A tentative agreement has been reached and jointly signed by representatives of the City and the FFA. 

Item #23: Marina Regulation Changes  Link to Agenda Item

In accordance with Long Beach Municipal Code, Section 16.08.970, the Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine (PRM) and the Marine Advisory Commission (MAC) have conducted meetings to review Long Beach Marina Rules and Regulations (Rules and Regs) to ensure.that they are consistent with the City of Long Beach (City) policy of preserving the health, safety, and enjoyment of Long Beach marina permittees and guests. This series of meetings included collecting feedback and input from City staff, boat owners, and MAC commissioners. From these meetings, it was determined that clarification of some provisions of the Rules and Regs would improve the safety of our marinas and ensure equitable application of policies. Some of the more significant proposed changes include the following: 

  • Addition of a provision to allow for requesting sublease of permits; 
  • Increased liability insurance coverage requirements for recreational vessels in the marinas; 
  • Addition of a provision associated with the permittees' responsibility for costs associated with damage to dock boxes, power pedestals, and other features associated with their slips, beyond damage determined to be the result of expected and normal wear and tear; 
  • Clarification of provisions associated with parking lot rules, including the prohibition of long-term storage of a permittee's vehicle in marina parking lots, and specific categories of vehicles, which are prohibited from marina parking lots; * Addition of a provision associated with vessel appearance requirements, which establishes minimal standards of condition. 

Item #24: Officeholder Account Change   Link to Agenda Item

Link to Agenda Item from Elections Oversight Committee

This ordinance change would make Long Beach elected official officeholder accounts consistent with FPPC standards and allow for those funds to be transferred to other candidates for city, state, or federal office. 

Item #27: Support for SB 687  Link to Agenda Item 

With hospitals and emergency rooms closing throughout the state, with numbers of emergency room visits increasing, I am supporting California State Senate Bill 687 because it would require non-profit hospitals in California to obtain approval from the state Attorney General before closing an emergency department, and to hold at least one public hearing about the planned closure. 

The bill directs the Attorney General to consider impacts a closure would have on the availability or accessibility of health care services in a community. Existing law only requires a hospital planning to close its emergency department to provide 90 day notice to the California Department of Public Health.

If you are interested in the complete agenda for the upcoming meeting I have included it below:  Link to Full Agenda for April 18, 2017

Finally, if you would like to attend the meeting or provide public comment I would recommend arriving early as parking in the City parking structure near the corner of Cedar and Broadway is limited.  Click Here for Parking Information

Again, if you have any questions or comments on any item please feel free to contact my City Hall Office at (562)570-6300 or 


Suzie Price

Councilwoman, Third District



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