Alamitos Heights Improvement Association

About AHIA 

Alamitos Heights Improvement Association

The Alamitos Heights Improvement Association is a volunteer organization made up of homeowners and residents dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of life in our neighborhood. Alamitos Heights is a beautiful, safe, friendly, and well-establishedneighborhood with a strong sense of community. This association was formed by the residents to provide leadership, resources, and a common voice to assure that Alamitos Heights continues to be a great place to live. 

AHIA is a voluntary organization that exists to: 
- promote, develop, and protect the interests and welfare of the property owners and residents of Alamitos Heights, 
- foster and promote a community spirit, 
- maintain the quality of the neighborhood, 
- and to promote and engage in any and all kinds of civic and public benefit activities. 

There are no covenants, conditions, or restrictions, and the Association does not own any common areas. Membership is open to all residents of Alamitos Heights. In 1923, the AHIA had 35 members. Today, there are approximately 816 homes in Alamitos Heights, and each year about half of your neighbors become active members.

What Your Membership Supports

AHIA benefits the residents of Alamitos Heights in many ways. The Association acts as a forum for two-way communication between our residents and our city government. AHIA meets regularly with our 3rd district councilman, local police, fire and safety personnel. Information on issues affecting our neighborhood is passed down to residents through the newsletter, website and our meetings. Feedback, comments, and requests from our neighborhood are fed back up to our city officials.

AHIA sponsors social events for the entire neighborhood. The annual meeting/picnic in June draws many residents and it is a great way to meet more of your neighbors. 

AHIA supports the Colorado Lagoon Christmas Trees and has a lighting ceremony to promote community spirit.

AHIA publishes a newsletter containing articles written by your neighbors on subjects that are important to our neighborhood, and maintains this website to promote communications. 

There are many other things from tree planting and traffic signals, to neighborhood safety and sidewalk/street repair that the AHIA is involved with, and we continue to look for new ways to make Alamitos Heights a better place to live. 

AHIA By-Laws

Your Neighborhood Boundaries:
North: Pacific Coast Highway / 7th St 
South: Eliot St 
East: Bellflower Blvd
West: Park Ave

Become a Member
Becoming an active member of AHIA will benefit you and all your neighbors. With each new membership, we gain clout with our city officials, and resources with which to affect the future of Alamitos Heights. 

Dues are a very reasonable $35 per household per year, and it's never too late to send them in. If you are interested in getting involved with some of the ongoing projects, feel free to contact us. The AHIA can be contacted using the address or email listed below:

Alamitos Heights Improvement Association 
6216 E. Pacific Coast Highway #372 
Long Beach, CA 90803

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