Would you like to participate in a "Scavenger Hunt”?

Let's do this.

We can practice physical distancing and create social connections with a scavenger hunt. Its already started. We know stuffed bears and bunnies are popping up on Santiago, Terraine, Ultimo, Los Altos and Winslow. 

Families are encouraged to place a stuffed animal in the window of their home, then walk, bike, or drive to search out and find as many creatures as they can in our neighborhood. 

Let’s kept it interesting and change it up every week. The last two weeks it’s been Teddy Bears.

We can keep this entertaining for us and the little ones and use these themes for the upcoming weeks.


March 30 - April 4

Words of Kindness, parents string them together or discuss with your little ones


April 5 - April 11

Pictures of Bunnies or stuffed Bunnies


April 12 - 18

Easter Eggs, how many can you find?


April 19 - 25

Celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Day, Earth Day, Arbor Day, ICT Day (promoting IT careers for girls and young women) or the NFL Draft


April 26 - May 2

World Day for Safety and Health at Work, write a kind message to our first responders so they see our love and appreciation of them


May 3 - May 9

Cinco de Mayo

Everyone is encouraged to get creative and share their window display pictures and their hunt pictures for our neighbors to view here and our Facebook page. Just email your pictures to newsletter@ahia.info or post them at https://www.facebook.com/ahialgb/

Here's a few Bears in the Window


Looking Ahead with AHIA

Let's get Virtual for Wine Down Fridays-- 2nd & 4th Fridays when a volunteer will host the event

Let's get Virtual for Wine Down Fridays-- 2nd & 4th Fridays when a volunteer will host the event

Let's get Virtual for Wine Down Fridays-- 2nd & 4th Fridays when a volunteer will host the event


It just takes a someone like you to be a host and volunteer their time to setup a zoom.com invitation. We'll help with that! With zoom.com we can host up to 100 people and there will be a 40 minute limit to the event. Click the button below to be directed to our contact us page. See our calendar page for upcoming Wine Down dates and information.

AHIA Planting Day Postponed until fall of 2020

Let's get Virtual for Wine Down Fridays-- 2nd & 4th Fridays when a volunteer will host the event

Let's get Virtual for Wine Down Fridays-- 2nd & 4th Fridays when a volunteer will host the event


As soon as we get the all clear sign we will reschedule this even. And it looks like sometime this fall will balance the CV-19 pandemic and one of 2 optimum times to re-plant the Manila Median. The 6th ST traffic circles are on our to do list and we are looking a different strategies for that improvement project. AHIA is purchasing new plants for both locations. We have been coordinating with Public Works to prepare both areas for new foliage. We will need Alamitos Heights volunteers to help. Stay tuned for more information.

Easter Egg Hunt--Cancelled See you in 2021

Let's get Virtual for Wine Down Fridays-- 2nd & 4th Fridays when a volunteer will host the event

Maybe--just Maybe we can hold our Neighborhood Yard Sale Saturday May 16th


It looks like 2021 will be our next opportunity to host this popular event. so Join us next year for a fun and easy Easter Egg Hunt at Marina Vista Park just north of the playground by the tennis courts. Perhaps your kids are too old for this, but it is a hoot to watch the youngsters clamor to find candy filled Easter eggs. Come on out for a quick morning of fun.

Maybe--just Maybe we can hold our Neighborhood Yard Sale Saturday May 16th

Maybe--just Maybe we can hold our Neighborhood Yard Sale Saturday May 16th

Maybe--just Maybe we can hold our Neighborhood Yard Sale Saturday May 16th

We will post signs and advertise on Craigslist and nextdoor.com.

AHIA will post signs and advertise on Craigslist and nextdoor.com. If you want your address advertised let us know. Join other neighbors as we all do some spring cleaning!  You may purchase a permit from the City at http://www.longbeach.gov/finance/services-and-permits/convenience-fee/ 

And Maybe just Maybe we can hold our Neighborhood Picnic Sunday June 14th

Maybe--just Maybe we can hold our Neighborhood Yard Sale Saturday May 16th

And Maybe just Maybe we can hold our Neighborhood Picnic Sunday June 14th


AHIA Board Elections. Good food and fun for people of all ages. Join us won't you? And the Bean Bag Toss Trophy is up for grabs again. See you there.

Things to during Safer at Home


Become a zoom.com video chat power user

More Guitar Lesson Options

Yep you really can freeze fresh eggs


We asked and You Answered!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our winter 2020 survey!

Survey Question Results


When asked to check a maximum of 2 Events you would like AHIA to consider sponsoring the results are:

  • 33.15% selected Toss It-Shred It-Recycle It (dumpster provided)
  • 14.92% selected Alley Clean Up
  • 13.26 selected Octoberfest Block Party
  • 12.71% selected 4th of July Block Parties
  • 9.94% selected Community Outreach Event (i.e. POLB Tour)
  • 8.29% selected Lawn and Home tour
  • 7.73% selected Ice Cream Social


When asked to check a maximum of 2 Projects you would like AHIA to consider sponsoring the results are:

  • 41.67% selected Magnolia Tree Campaign-Save or Replant diseased trees
  • 17.95% selected Roundabout Landscape Re-Planting
  • 17.31% selected Neighborhood Signs at entrances to Alamitos Heights
  • 14.10% selected Manila Median Irrigation and Beautification Project
  •  8.97% selected Painting/Decorating Utility Electrical boxes


Would you recommend joining AHIA to a friend or neighbor? (On a scale of 1-low to 10-high) 

  • 10-- 57.14%
  • 9 --  12.24% 
  • 8 --  13.27%
  • 7 --    1.02%
  • 6 --    3.06%    
  • 5 --    8.16%
  • 4 --    2.04%
  • 3 --    3.06%
  • 2 --    0.00%
  • 1 --    0.00%

What You Said

When asked to share any thoughts or recommendations for AHIA:

  • Great work by committed, involved neighbors. Their efforts make Alamitos Heights a better place!
  • We're here to keep our community together.
  • The Magnolia tree issue is significant. The damaged trees look bad and drip onto vehicles making it hard to park on the streets.
  • Keep traffic from rerouting from 7th St into our neighborhood. Start research committee about rerouting signs on 22Fwy AWAY from 7th St.  Any beautification projects for our neighborhood Progress reports & illustrations on water/stream project from        lagoon through Marina Vista Park to Marine Stadium/Alamitos Bay.
  • Many people in Alamitos Heights are older retirees and don't participate  in sponsored events.  Perhaps lower dues would encourage more  membership even among those not attending events.
  • Love the wine outs. I’m a new member and didn’t know about your  association until I went to the wine out  a great way to promote the  Neighborhood.
  • Love wine down fridays. create a way for volunteers to connect with the AHIA
  • There are a few more events that I would have checked:  Magnolia trees  and Signage to our neighborhood but since I could only check two, that's  what I did!
  •  Information on future plans for Magnolia trees
  • The Manila median project has issues for those of us who live close to  the PCH/Bellflower. While we realize there is a transient concern, we  rely on the trees and bushes to provide a sight and sound barrier for  our homes. Will need to be carefully planned.
  • For those of us who do not participate in social media. A place on your  website to reach out to other AH nieghbors, other than next door  neighbor. Concerning burglary notice, mailperson issues etc. That notice  could go out in an email to all AHIA members
  • Thank you for all your hard work and time commitment!
  • Would like to monitor and weed the lagoon on Monrovia. The weeds overtake the area there. Thanks!
  •  Hate the round-about-bouts. A waste of our money.
  • Thank you to all the people who volunteer and participate in AHIA.
  • Great job -thank you for all our work - my recommendation is not to add  project after project, rather focus on the few "core" events AHIA has  done so well - less is more (almost sounds like Leslie Stonick). Maybe  just add one project with limited duration.
  • There are several empty lots that I think would help bring the community  together by turning them into a (local) community garden ?  I would be  more than happy to help as I’m sure so many others would as well
  • Thank you for asking for our opinions. We are willing to be involved and support community activities/projects.
  • You are all amazing and we appreciate your enthusiasm
  • Liked all the choices to improve our neighborhood.  What ever is done -  great job!  Thanks for being on the board and all of the efforts!!
  • The tone you set for the neighborhood and the work you "silently"  accomplish is to be commended.  Another project would be to WATER the  recently planted trees on Sixth Street.  Perhaps partnering with the  golf course for help.
  • Many other LB HOA's have attractive 'entrance signs' and we don't. I  would think that the 'active' real estate agents and companies would  like to see the signage for our special area and be willing to help pay  for it.
  • I am especially in favor of signs posted limiting traffic to local cars  only at hours 7 to 9 am and 4 to 6 pm.  There is just too much traffic  at those hours from cars trying to avoid 7th Street.  This is getting  worse !
  • Thank you for serving.  Communication of what is going on in AH is great.  Keeping our neighborhood safe is a high priority.
  • I really appreciated the shredding, etc. event last year.  It was very helpful.
  • Hard to pick two projects--magnolia trees really need to be saved first  and a permanent solution even if that includes pesticides,  roundabouts  are ugly and I'm not sure why people keep ripping out the landscaping.   Also the people on Manila deserve to have some more privacy and nice  landscaping if possible.
  • Thank you for the time you donate to lead AHIA!
  • The "Lagoon Lookers" are very unhappy about NO CHRISTMAS TREES except in  front of the far swimming beach and West end.  How much do they pay for  the trees/year?  There MUST be a way to have the trees included in the  area and sight of AH homeowners.   Always look forward to the neighborhood park party.  Sorry, {we have a commitment} every Friday night...if you could have a  Saturday evening event-count on us to attend.
  • Thanks for the work our AHIA leaders do!
  • 6th street needs 4way stops particularly at Santiago.  When 7th backs up  to Park we still get just as much traffic it just drives faster bumper to bumper and you can't cross 6th when you are on Santiago with drivers  flying around the island without stopping.
  • What are we doing as AHIA to address the horrible homeless issue, homeless in front of neighborhood businesses
  • Some of our neighbors receive flyers about events and others don’t. Better communication to all members would be nice.
  • Appreciate all of you, your ongoing energies, thoughtfulness, and continued commitment to community -- thank you!
  • Thank you for all your hard work!
  • My Magnolia Tree is dripping the Black Sap on our very hot days. I have  contacted The City & also Price. To no avail. My first letter was  sent on Aug. 16, 2019. My tree is just about on its last leg. {XXX}  Orlena. I have plans to re-landscape & this is all on hold because  of the parkway. Is there any SOLUTION? Frankly, I am tired of waiting.  Spring will be here soon & the Bugs will arrive. I have been patient  BUT... Please respond {email address withheld} Thank You
  • We like the events AHIA puts on to foster community. Appreciate the  effort to gain feedback and facilitate new events - Thank you!
  • Thanks for all you do to make living in Alamitos Heights such a wonderful experience!


2019 Bean Bag Champions

1st Ever AHIA Bean Bag Champions

Pictured here are Jason Mundy (l) and Evan Filter (r) from the 300 block of Ultimo. This tenacious team tossed their way to victory doggedly competing and beating the finest bean bag tossers Alamitos Heights had to offer. Congratulations to our 1st Annual AHIA Bean Bag Toss Champions Evan and Jason.

It's theirs to Lose on June 14th 2020

Become the new Champions next year June 14, 2020 at the AHIA Picnic. Evan and Jason will defend their title against all comers.

With a year to practice you too can be an AHIA Bean Bag Toss Champion

Win next year and get your name on the trophy and display it at your house for all your friends and family to drool over.

Thank You 2019 AHIA Picnic Raffle Prize Providers


Volunteer With Us

Harvard Spent 80 Years Studying Happiness

In the late 1930's Harvard Medical School  started one of the most extensive longitudinal studies ever, tracking the classes of 1939 to 1944 plus another 456 young men from the inner city of Boston.

The Most Useful Insight From this Study

"The clearest message that we get from this 75-year study is this: Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period" says Robert J. Waldinger the current head of this study.

A Key to Happiness is Good Relationships

Volunteering is a a good way to develop relationships and make a contribution to our neighborhood and community. Join us won't you? Go to the contact us page and send us message.

Welcome Bags

New to Alamitos Heights?

We like to deliver a Welcome Bag to new residents of the neighborhood whether you own your home or rent one.

How do we know your new to Alamitos Heights?

We depend on our resident realtors and word of mouth from our neighbors to find out if someone new has moved into the hood.

Every once and a while we miss someone new.

Give us a shout if we missed you, because it wasn't on purpose.