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Looking Ahead with AHIA

Saturday--May 18, 2019


 AHIA will post signs and advertise on Craigslist and nextdoor.com. A City of Long Beach permit is priced at $17 for either one household or one block. www.longbeach.gov/finance/services-and-permits/garage-sales/ 

Wednesday--May 22, 2019


How to Reduce Plastics...and why you should care. 

Plus an Arborist's tips on tree care

It all starts at 7 PM at Greek Orthodox Church at 5761 E.  Colorado St. Alamitos Bay based Algalita Marine Research and Education presents on plastic pollution and its effects on all of us. 'BYO' will talk about package free consumer products and how to reduce single-use plastic. 

Arborist Ben Fisher of LB Holistic Tree will give tips and proper care and selection of trees for long-lasting health and beauty.

Snacks and Refreshments will be served!

Friday--May 31, 2019


AHIA Board of Directors nominations for 2020 are due. Submit your nominations by email to president@ahia.info or by mail to AHIA 6216 E. PCH #372 Long Beach CA 90803

Sunday--June 9, 2019


  • See you from 12- 4 PM
  • New this year is Steel Drum Music 
  • Also new Skate Dogs skate park
  • Food this year by Alamitos Heights' very own Chef Paul St. Bernard

Coming Summer of 2019

This 90-minute narrated excursion, you will get close to operations at the second-busiest Port in the nation. Motor past towering  cranes at the most advanced and green terminal in the world.  You will see the progress of infrastructure projects like the replacement Gerald Desmond Bridge.

Friday--November 29, 2019 Colorado Lagoon Tree Lighting Ceremony


Holiday fun with music from the Wilson High School Choir, Santa delivered on a fire truck with blaring sirens, Polly's Coffee providing hot chocolate and Leslie Stonick's makes and provides chocolate chip cookies. Then of course the lighting of the trees. It is a great night.

Welcome Bags

New to Alamitos Heights?

We like to deliver a Welcome Bag to new residents of the neighborhood whether you own your home or rent one.

How do we know your new to Alamitos Heights?

We depend on our resident realtors and word of mouth from our neighbors to find out if someone new has moved into the hood.

Every once and a while we miss someone new.

Give us a shout if we missed you, because it wasn't on purpose.

Spotlight on a Neighbor

Luke Wannemacher is a Flying Squirrel

Luke  Wannemacher lives in Alamitos Heights. In October 2018, he joined a  STEAM program (STEM + Arts) called Destination Imagination (“DI”). DI  builds extraordinary life skills such as critical thinking, creative  problem solving, teamwork and communication skills. DI blends creativity  with hands-on scientific exploration. Kids get to dream up ideas, and  then use scientific principles to make it real.

Luke  Wannemacher, Jade Steege, Allegra Steege, Harrison Armus, Emerson La  Porta and Maya Geer are The Flying Squirrels. The Flying Squirrels spent  the last 6 months logging 150+ hours building, testing and learning  from dozens of prototypes, as well as writing scripts, building set  elements and creating props. They applied pneumatics, mathematics,  aerodynamics, and rocket science, to create a device that could fly,  land and drop payloads with remarkable precision. They wrote a narrative  that was incredibly top-of-mind, diving into the bright and dark sides  of humankind’s relationship with important evolutionary advancements  with fire, trade, language and today’s use of technology, particularly  the effects of social media and device addiction.

The  2019 Flying Squirrels competed in the LA Regional Tournament and the  California State Tournament and won both the Technical and the Creative  components of their challenge. They are headed to the 2019 Global Finals  in Kansas City to compete with national and international teams.

If  you would like to help the Flying Squirrels they are fundraising the  trip to the Global Finals. Options for tax-deductible donations are as  follows:

1) Venmo @DI-Squirrels,

2) Make a check to California Creativity Association, and mail it to Flying Squirrels 28 Prospect Ave., Long Beach, CA 90803

3) Credit card donations may be made at https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/caldi

  • Via  credit card elect the option to donate for a “special purpose” and look  for the Flying Squirrels team name on the pull-down menu.

Harrison Armus, Luke Wannemacher, Allegra Steege, Maya Greer, Jade Steege, Emerson LaPorta

Harrison Armus, Luke Wannemacher, Allegra Steege, Maya Greer, Jade Steege, Emerson LaPorta