Looking Ahead with AHIA

3rd Week of December 2019 Holiday Lights Contest


Be a winner when you light up your house for the holidays. A crack team of AHIA Holiday Lights Judges will cruise the neighborhood for the best of the best. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

See you in January Wine Down Fridays Will Return


Creating Community Together is the AHIA tagline and short version of our mission. We hold signature events, however, not all of us can attend them. We started Wine Down Fridays to improve contact with, for, and between our neighbors. Be a host (contact us) or be a participant, it is great fun.

2019 Bean Bag Champions

1st Ever AHIA Bean Bag Champions

Pictured here are Jason Mundy (l) and Evan Filter (r) from the 300 block of Ultimo. This tenacious team tossed their way to victory doggedly competing and beating the finest bean bag tossers Alamitos Heights had to offer. Congratulations to our 1st Annual AHIA Bean Bag Toss Champions Evan and Jason.

It's theirs to Lose on June 14th 2020

Become the new Champions next year June 14, 2020 at the AHIA Picnic. Evan and Jason will defend their title against all comers.

With a year to practice you too can be an AHIA Bean Bag Toss Champion

Win next year and get your name on the trophy and display it at your house for all your friends and family to drool over.

Thank You 2019 AHIA Picnic Raffle Prize Providers


Volunteer With Us

Harvard Spent 80 Years Studying Happiness

In the late 1930's Harvard Medical School  started one of the most extensive longitudinal studies ever, tracking the classes of 1939 to 1944 plus another 456 young men from the inner city of Boston.

The Most Useful Insight From this Study

"The clearest message that we get from this 75-year study is this: Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period" says Robert J. Waldinger the current head of this study.

A Key to Happiness is Good Relationships

Volunteering is a a good way to develop relationships and make a contribution to our neighborhood and community. Join us won't you? Go to the contact us page and send us message.

Welcome Bags

New to Alamitos Heights?

We like to deliver a Welcome Bag to new residents of the neighborhood whether you own your home or rent one.

How do we know your new to Alamitos Heights?

We depend on our resident realtors and word of mouth from our neighbors to find out if someone new has moved into the hood.

Every once and a while we miss someone new.

Give us a shout if we missed you, because it wasn't on purpose.

Spotlight on a Neighbor

Luke Wannemacher is a Flying Squirrel

Luke Wannemacher lives in Alamitos Heights. In October 2018, he joined a  STEAM program (STEM + Arts) called Destination Imagination (“DI”). DI  builds extraordinary life skills such as critical thinking, creative  problem solving, teamwork and communication skills. DI blends creativity  with hands-on scientific exploration. Kids get to dream up ideas, and  then use scientific principles to make it real.

Luke  Wannemacher, Jade Steege, Allegra Steege, Harrison Armus, Emerson La  Porta and Maya Geer are The Flying Squirrels. The Flying Squirrels spent  the last 6 months logging 150+ hours building, testing and learning  from dozens of prototypes, as well as writing scripts, building set  elements and creating props. They applied pneumatics, mathematics,  aerodynamics, and rocket science, to create a device that could fly,  land and drop payloads with remarkable precision. They wrote a narrative  that was incredibly top-of-mind, diving into the bright and dark sides  of humankind’s relationship with important evolutionary advancements  with fire, trade, language and today’s use of technology, particularly  the effects of social media and device addiction.

The  2019 Flying Squirrels competed in the LA Regional Tournament and the  California State Tournament and won both the Technical and the Creative  components of their challenge. They are headed to the 2019 Global Finals  in Kansas City to compete with national and international teams.

If  you would like to help the Flying Squirrels they are fundraising the  trip to the Global Finals. Options for tax-deductible donations are as  follows:

1) Venmo @DI-Squirrels,

2) Make a check to California Creativity Association, and mail it to Flying Squirrels 28 Prospect Ave., Long Beach, CA 90803

3) Credit card donations may be made at https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/caldi

  • Via  credit card elect the option to donate for a “special purpose” and look  for the Flying Squirrels team name on the pull-down menu.

Harrison Armus, Luke Wannemacher, Allegra Steege, Maya Greer, Jade Steege, Emerson LaPorta
Harrison Armus, Luke Wannemacher, Allegra Steege, Maya Greer, Jade Steege, Emerson LaPorta